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Sound Therapy

Deep relaxation and stress reduction through sound and vibration

The singing bowl is an instrument that has been used for centuries in Nepal, India and Tibet for meditative and healing purposes.

Modern science confirms the health-promoting effects of music, sound, vibration and sound waves. Numerous studies prove the positive effects on various diseases and complaints such as tinnitus and burnouts.

During my training as a singing bowl therapist at the Himalayan Academy of Sound in Rishikesh, India, right at the foothills of the Himalayas, I was trained in techniques, their specific mode of action, the selection of singing bowls and their effective use. I also deepened my sound healing knowledge and experience at a well known sound healing teacher in Kathmandu, Nepal recently. 

Chose your session: 


Wellness session: deep relaxation and stress reduction. pure wellness for your body and mind.

Healing session: Heal your ailments like Tinnitus, Anxiety, Depression, Burnout etc. 

Chakra Balancing session: Release blockages in your chakras and feel balanced and stable. 

Sound massage: Healing vibrations of the singing bowls placed on your body. 

Aura cleansing and spiritual balance sessions: Feel open and at peace with yourself. 

In my singing bowl session, which I tailor to your needs, you will enjoy regeneration, relaxation, balance and healing.




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