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Breathwork teacher training

Go the next step and become a certified Breathwork Teacher! This 15-hour breathwork teacher training course is aimed at anyone who has already completed a yoga teacher training course and is interested in the field of pranayama and beyond. You want to train breathwork techniques, or you are a mental coach and would like to enrich your work with effective breathwork.


​You deepen your knowledge of techniques and effects of breathing exercises on physical functions of your body, the level of consciousness, your psychological state and spiritual being.


​During my teacher trainings in India in ashrams in the Himalayas, I learned countless Indian and Tibetan breathing techniques that do not appear in the usual yoga teacher training courses.


​You will also get an insight into the techniques of Transformational Breathwork, Holotropic Breathwork, Trauma Recovery. ​


Through my work with professional athletes, I have also specialized in performance enhancement, targeted performance, focus and mental stability and recovery in sports.


From this wealth of experience, I have developed this course with a very special intensity.


My philosophy of teaching is not based on quantity, but quality. Each training course consists of a maximum of 10 participants, so that an intensive learning result is achieved, you then have extensive knowledge and can hold your own breathwork sessions well-founded. ​


This certified course is recognized as "Continuing Education Hours" at Yoga Alliance, USA. 

I am looking forward to these enriching days with you!

Course dates: the current date in 2023 will be announced.

Saturday: 9am to 12pm-2pm to 6pm

Sunday: 9am to 12pm-1pm to 5pm ​


Cost: 300 euros


​ ​


Location: Yoga Loft Bietigheim

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