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Workshop Himalaya Hatha Yoga 

Get to know pure yoga. Experience and feel the holistic yoga as it is taught and practiced in India, the origin of yoga. Discover all aspects of Hatha Yoga and enjoy new strength, balance, flexibility and spirituality.

The 3 hour workshop will immerse you in the world of Indian Yoga. The 8 pillars of yoga are getting explained and a balanced yoga asana session completes your yoga experience.  


price: 35 Euro 

location: Yoga Loft in Bietigheim, Germany 

date: 21.01.2023  13.00 to 16.00



Tel: +49 176 601 52397

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Workshop Yin Yoga 

.. soon more details and dates for my Yin Yoga workshop!

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Workshop DETOX Yoga und Ayurveda 

.. soon more details and dates for my DETOX Yoga and Ayurveda workshop! 

breath work

Pranayama Breathing, Meditation and Stressmanagement 

create focus and higher performance in sport

.. soon more details and dates for my Pranayama, Meditation and Stressmanagement workshop!

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Iyengar Yoga - Allignment for healthy yoga

Iyengar Yoga is a form of yoga where your focus on the body alignment in every asana. We use props like belts and blocks and concentrate precisely on your structural alignment of your physical body and make all yoga poses accessible for you. Through this workshop you will achieve the knowledge of healthy yoga adjusted to your needs and improve your overall body feeling. 

The 3 hours workshop contains theoretical and practical practice and a lot of fun with your new experiences in yoga!

price :  40 Euro 
location:  Yoga Loft Bietigheim
date:  new dates are coming up soon! 

phone: +49 7142 339140

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