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Yoga Loft Bietigheim

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Welcome to the exceptional Yoga Loft Bietigheim!


You want to experience Yoga in its purest form? Achieve physical and mental strength? You have a demanding life and need to recover and rejuvenate from stress and hectic, find inner peace and build up your healthy lifestyle? You found the right place! Enjoy holistic yoga and health in combination with Ayurveda in a personal, pleasant and special ambiance.

In my little Yoga Loft on top of the city, I offer you special personalized yoga sessions in wich we work on your needs. Harmonize your body and mind, strengthen your body and build up flexibility. Feel comfortable here and find the way to your inner self,  happiness and a healthy life. You can expand your awareness, bring your mental work on the next level and discover spirituality. My personalized Yoga Sessions and classes in small groups make the difference. I can bring my vast knowledge I gained in educations all over the world into a profound teaching for you to achieve easily health and a balanced life. 


Himalaya Hatha Yoga is the century old base form of Yoga, from which all other new forms are derived from. Yin Yoga, is the silent style of Tao Yoga wich combines the Traditional Chinese Medicine, meridians and the knowledge of modern medicine about the fascias. Both are big sources that allow me to offer you an extensive Yoga Training for your health.

You want to manage or avoid body ailments?

With Iyengar Yoga oriented sessions  you can improve body flexibility and strength, with my guidance for proper alignments of the poses (Asanas) by using props like blocks and straps. You can go deeper into the poses and improve your ´body intelligence´ by paying close attention on working with your body and through proper breathing to your inner state and balance. 


Are you an athlete, looking for an adequate balance to your sport? You want to take proper care of your joints, tendons and muscles, increase your concentration and mental strength? Optimize recovery and prevent injuries?  I have the answer for you! Come and take a look at my work with athletes at my website . It might be what you've been searching for!


My 90 minute Hatha Yoga sessions for you are a combination of Indian and Tibetan Pranayama breathing techniques, which positively influence the energy flow (Prana), reduce stress, and focus on the “here and now”, expand your consciousness and enhance your concentration through meditation. Followed by the Indian Sun Salutation ´Surya Namaskar´ along with many variations of Asana sequences to energize and strengthen the deeper levels of your body. Discover the sensation of Yoga inside your mind and your body and feel completed. I end all sessions with Shavasana, a deep relaxation.

The 90 minute Yin Yoga class begins also with 20 minutes Pranayama breathing and meditation. We continue with the slow Yin asanas and feel the stillness, you find space to turn inward and tune into both, your mind and your physical sensations of your body. The asanas are held for 3 to 5 minutes to reach the deep tissues throughout your body, the fascias, increase circulation in your joints and improve your flexibility. You also regulate the body's flow of energy (Qi/Prana) in the meridians (Nadis/energy channels) , which has a similar effect as an acupuncture treatment. We end the session with a soft Yang flow (of Paul Grilley/founder) and a deep relaxing Shavasana.


Immerse into holistic Yoga with me. You might find something in you you've been looking for and be surprised what you are capable of!

Online Sessions are also possible.



the different yoga sessions are nice and harmonically set up.Individual needs are worked on carefully and caringly. My Yoga got deeper and more aware. Simone is an unbelievable caring person and a fantastic teacher, who teaches her lessons with great structure, competence and with palpable passion.I look forward to what can and will happen in the future. And i can recommend the Retreat from the bottom of my heart too all that are interested! Namaste 🙏

 -Alexandra Beyer 

Simone is an amazing yoga teacher thal lives and breaths yoga

-Bettina Haag

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