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Yoga Loft: +49 176 60152397

If required I offer also yoga sessions in English in my Yoga Loft in Germany.

Contact me for the classes and private sessions at any time. 

Also online Yoga and Breathwork/power of breathing sessions are possible. 



Individual Yoga classes in small groups (3 bis max. 8 pers.)               
- Himalaya Hatha Yoga:                     Mon 19.00-20.30              90 min.  25€  
- Yin Yoga:                                             Thu 19.00-20.30                90 min.  25€  
- Power/Strong Back Yoga:              Thu  17.00-18.30                90 min.  25€

10 card (valid 4 months)  180 €

5 card  (valid 2 months).  90 €
No drop in classes, please register for the classes. 

On demand group classes (min. 3 persons):
Breathwork and meditation, stressmanagement  60 min. 25€ p.p.

Use the power of breathing! 

- Yoga Nidra (deep conscious relaxation)                   45 min.  25€ p.p.

Personal Sessions:   
Personal Yoga training   (one on one)                                90 min.   100€
Personalized Yoga programm. Block of 5 sessions:    5 x 90 min. 400€

5 sessions with fixed dates, non refundable                 5 x 90 min. 350€

Breathwork and meditation (one on one).              60 min.     60€

The power of breathing physically and mentally! 

Breathwork sessions block of 5                                         5x60 min.  280€

Meditation course for effective meditation                   5x60 min.  280€

Yoga Nidra - Deep conscious relaxation (one on one)       45 min.     45€

Sound Healing (Himalayan singing bowls)    

Wellness sound bath or deep healing and relaxation.     75 min.  80€


Ayurveda holistic health session                                 60 min. 60€
Personalized Yoga and Ayurveda program        5 x 90 min. 400€


Make a very special gift at a birthday or at Christmas!  Gift cards for any classes are available. 
Workshops, yoga retreats and continuing education for yoga teachers (education hours at Yoga Alliance) are coming up spring 2024!

Next Workshops:

Himalaya Hatha Yoga 

Location: Yoga Loft Bietigheim 

Date: coming soon in 2024! 

Yin Yoga 

Location: Yoga Loft Bietigheim

Date: coming soon in 2024! 


Yoga und Ayurveda 

Location: Yoga Loft Bietigheim 

Date: Coming soon in 2024! 

Next Retreat:  

Yoga Retreat in Sardinia 

 (summer 2025 - no date so far)


Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, India spring 2025!


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