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Do you want to develop your full potential from your consciousness, reduce stress sustainably and improve your ability to concentrate? Then my meditation courses and my mental coaching are just right for you!


Guided meditations:

With guided meditations you can relax your state of consciousness, think more clearly, reduce your stress and strengthen your resilience, i.e. improve your reactions in demanding situations and deal better with challenges. You learn the art of letting go and develop a healthy mindset and thus a happy and harmonious life.


Meditation course for effective meditation:

In my advanced course "Effective Meditation" you learn to meditate independently step by step. You learn to detach your consciousness from the body and reach higher levels of consciousness. You find deep meditations and experience the absolute moment. Your thoughts become clear and your focus is sharpened.


"The mind is higher than the senses, the spirit is infinite."​


At the same time, you train your brain, can focus better, develop your ability to concentrate and learn to develop your full potential. The door to success lies within.


Mental coaching:

We develop a mental training program that is right for you and open the door to mental strength and sovereignty for you. You become more efficient and develop your personally optimal mindset and stress management.


"Some doors only open from the inside" - Max Strom


I have been working as a professional meditation teacher with my yoga students, as well as with athletes and leading managers, for 6 years.


Through my in-depth training as a meditation teacher in an Indian meditation ashram and other meditation and mental coaching teachings in India, Germany and the USA, I can offer you effective meditation training that will get you where you always wanted to go. To the best version of yourself and a happy inner self.


Happiness and success are already within you, you just have to learn to develop it.​

I'm looking forward to helping you!


I also offer meditation and breathing training for athletes on my site. Check it out!

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Meditation und Mental Coaching 

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